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  Risingsun Herbal Health is known for its world famous bloodroot products and Lugol's Iodine solutions. Our products do NOT contain fillers or binders and are individually hand made. We also specialize in Rainforest and custom formulated products.

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We apologize for the delay, but we are a step closer in making our products again available for purchase. At this time, our labels have been completed and reviewed by our label expert and legal counsel. The next step is they must evaluate the web sites. During this time of review, no products can be ordered. Until the approval letter is issued by the FDA per the Consent Decree, the information on this site is for informational purposes only. Thank you for your patience. These steps are essential in providing you, the consumer products that you can be confident are of the highest quality and match the claims made of each product.

The ingredient Statement: All ingredients in this product have been used prior to October 15, 1994. Our label expert is completing the process and will send the finished label for review. With the new FDA regulations regarding ingredients, if products contain ingredients that are after October 15, 1994 the products will therefore, be deemed adulterated ingredients. We applaud this distinction, now there needs to be a distraction between dietary, nutritional and herbal supplements. Hopefully it will happen soon, not all supplements are alike and some are harmful. Products with fillers are binders effect the quality and concentration of ingredients.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Our formulas are made with 100% pure herbal ingredients and do not contain any Fillers, binders, sugars, sodium, starches, yeast, gluten, corn, soy, preservatives, excipients nor any synthetic materials or contaminants. We do not use any Genetically Modified Organisms in any of our products. The Products we produce are Nutritional Supplements not confused with Dietary Supplements which contain contaminants, fillers and binders. Our products are specifically formulated for cellular nutrition.

Our Lugol's Iodine Solution comes in 5% and 2.2% strength.

The iodine we use is derived from mined crystals out of Africa. We also use potassium iodide not sodium iodide. Sodium iodide can effect heart health. In Japan they consume 10-14mg of iodine per day, in the US the consumption is less than 1-2mg. We offer two strengths:
Lugol's Iodine 5%
Lugol's Iodine 2.2%
with Potassium Iodide
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Radiation levels are higher than normal and will continue to climb, get prepared.

The media is reporting that the levels of radiation are higher that they were last year at this time and there seem to be no end in sight. Reports by the media are alarming and now it seems the nuclear reactors on the US are not as safe as our government is telling us. Recently we have been contacted by some agencies to purchase large amounts of potassium iodide. They must know something we don't know. Be safe, keep Lugol's iodine or our potassium iodide on hand.
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